Trout Fishing in America: InFINity

Keith Grimwood, Ezra Idlet
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Trout Fishing in America
Trout Records
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ORT? / also ages 5-7?

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Nominated for a Grammy, this is the folk/rock acoustic duo’s fifth children’s album, filled with exuberant tunes and clever lyrics that will appeal to adults as much as to kids.
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Nominated for a Grammy Award, this is the folk/rock acoustic duo’s fifth children’s album. Named after Richard Brautigan’s classic late 60’s novel, Trout Fishing in America features Ezra Idlet (the tall one) on acoustic guitar and percussion, and Keith Grimwood (the shorter one, who sounds just a bit Randy Newman-esque) on bass and upright bass. Co-writing most of their own material, the duo employs a wide variety of styles: From the South African rhythms of “My Best Day,” to the jazzy “Everything That’s Made of Wood,” to the supremely funkadelic “Junk Food Jump” with it’s Shaft-ian overtones, to the Cajun “It Did It All By Itself” (the answer to the question “Who made all this mess?”), the mood of their exuberant tunes and clever lyrics is consistently upbeat and positive. There are also just plain silly songs, such as “Dinosaur in Your Bathtub” about the things that go on in your house when you’re not there, and songs that invite young listeners to play along, as on “Simon Says” and the “Your Name Backwards” game. But the song that highlights how much this music will appeal to adults as much as it will to kids is the pun-filled ditty “Sailing,” which includes the hilarious stanza, “A pelican was talking to his gull friend, / About the way the walrus made him feel. / They stopped in for a drink down at the sand bar, / And caught a tuna from BB Kingfish and Lou Seal.” After hearing this album, you’ll want to check your local library or music store for more from this talented duo. You can also check out their website,, which features coloring pages and word games for kids, as well as lots of info about the guys and their music.

Lauren Mayer