Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find favorite old, or out-of-print books?

You can find many old favorites at your local public library, and if your branch doesn’t have what you’re looking for, ask about reserving the book and having it sent to your local library. If you want to own an old out-of-print favorite, you can try your local bookstore – many have out-of-print book search services. You can also browse out-of-print book dealers online at the following sites:

2. What do the stars mean in your rating system?

You will notice, as you browse through childrensroom, that all of the books, movies, audio recordings, and software are recommended. We set out to find the best of what’s available for children and let you know about it! However, we do give each item an individual rating of 1-5 stars. Here is what they mean:

5 stars = Best Most Highly Recommended / Outstanding / Excellent / 
Books we love
4 stars = Better Highly Recommended / Very Good / Books we like a lot
3 stars = Good Recommended / Good / Books we like
2 stars = Okay May have some limited value
1 star = Not Recommended (as you will see, this is not normally used)

3. How do I search for a book if I can’t remember the title?

Even if you can’t remember the title of the book you’re looking for, try searching using character’s names or a word that would describe the book. Because our search box looks in the titles, descriptions/reviews, and subjects of all the books in our database, try typing in a word that describes the book you’re looking for – and look through the results. If the book you are looking for is there, seeing it might jog your memory. For example, if you were looking for the book in which a monkey who is always getting into trouble folds a newspaper to make a boat, but couldn’t remember the title, you could type in the search terms “monkey newspaper” – and you would pull up a list of books that includes Curious George Rides a Bike.

4. I want to see if you have any books by a particular author, but I can’t remember how to spell the author’s last name.

Try typing in the first few letters of the author’s last name, as many as you are sure of – and see what you get! For example, if you were not sure how to spell the last name of the author of the Madeline books, but knew it started “Bem…”, you could type in “Bem” and find the Madeline books by Ludwig Bemelmans that way.

5. There are so many books out there, how can I use childrensroom to find good books that my child will really enjoy?

We know that all children are individuals, with different tastes and passions, but here are some tips on using childrensroom for choosing books your child will probably enjoy:

  • Try looking up a book that you know your child has loved – then check out the titles we’ve recommended on the left side of the screen under “Other titles you might enjoy:”
  • Try looking up a subject you know your child is interested in.
  • In the “Books” pull-down menu at the top of the screen, click on “Great Gifts”, or “Editor’s Picks.”

6. I like this site and find it useful – how can I help support childrensroom?

If you find books (or audio, video, or software) on our site that you would like to buy, you can click on the Amazon or icons located directly below the rating on the page with the item’s full review, and childrensroom will get a commission on that sale. You can also spread the word to all your friendsand family about