An American Tail

Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, John Po
Don Bluth
The voices of Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Plummer
Judy Freudberg, Tony Geiss
Music By: 
James Horner
Production Company: 
Amblin' Entertainment
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Sure to become a family favorite, this is the handsomely animated musical story of a brave and determined young Russian immigrant mouse lost in the big city, who finds his way back to the loving security of his family.
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After Fievel Mousekewitz, a young mouse, and his family are driven from their home in Russia by a band of Cossack Cats, they decide to journey to America, where they optimistically believe there are mouseholes in every wall, bread crumbs on every floor, and most importantly, no cats. On the voyage, though, Fievel is swept overboard during a storm at sea, and barely surviving, floats to New York harbor in a bottle. This courageous little mouse lost and all alone in the big city is determined to find his family – and with the help of an engaging cast of characters including Henri (voiced by Christopher Plummer), a French pigeon working on constructing the Statue of Liberty, a street-wise mouse named Tony, and Tiger (voiced by Dom DeLuise), a vegetarian cat – he does just that. There are lots of thrills and excitement along the way, including scary encounters with the Mott Street Maulers (a gang of cats). In the end, Fievel and his family are reunited in a scene guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye. Rich in period detail, the handsome animation (by former Disney animators), brings late 19th century New York City to life – with elevated trains, tenements, horse drawn trolleys, Delmonico’s, and the Statue of Liberty under construction. The music by acclaimed film composer James Horner (whose score for the 1997 film Titanic won him an Academy Award for Original Dramatic Score) heightens the emotional impact of the story, and is filled with rousing and heartfelt songs, including “There Are No Cats in America”, “Never Say Never”, and the simple and affecting Oscar-nominated “Somewhere Out There.” An American Tail is sure to become a family favorite.

Lauren Mayer
Story by David Kirschner, Judy Freudberg, Tony Geiss. Is this appropriate for ages 3-5 also??
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