Anne of Avonlea

Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan
Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst, Dame Wendy Hiller
Kevin Sullivan
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Buena Vista Home Video
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Flawless sequel to Anne of Green Gables, this adaptation of three stories by L.M. Montgomery follows Anne Shirley, the spirited young orphan girl with a lively imagination into adulthood. A charming story of finding one’s place and following your heart.
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The story of irrepressible, incurably romantic Anne Shirley, which began in Anne of Green Gables, continues here as Anne becomes a teacher and a writer, and more importantly, learns to follow her heart. You’ll be glad to know that though she is grown now, her impetuous nature still gets her into trouble now and then! Anne has left Avonlea, and the hopeful attentions of childhood friend Gilbert Blythe, to become a teacher in a private ladies college, where she must contend with the insularity of the town and the small-mindedness of the college’s wealthy patrons, as well as an embittered, jealous headmistress. Nevertheless, with her signature mixture of bravado, imagination and heart, she wins over the town – and catches the eye of a handsome and wealthy widower who soon falls under her spell. However, Anne’s heart is still in Avonlea and she must decide what direction her life will take – will she accept handsome Morgan Harris’s offer of marriage, or will she return to Avonlea, to Marilla and to Gilbert? Once again, the stellar cast captures the essence of L.M. Montgomery’s characters and brings them to life. Colleen Dewhurst’s portrayal of Marilla continues to astonish, and Megan Follows makes it easy to believe that no one who comes into contact with Anne Shirley will ever forget her. The setting and costumes evoke a bygone era, but the emotional life of the characters is timeless. This flawless sequel to the video Anne of Green Gables is an adaptation of the second, third and fourth books about Anne Shirley by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery: Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, and Anne of Windy Poplars.

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Anne of Green Gables
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