Bill Nye the Science Guy - Reptiles & Insects: Leapin' Lizards!

Bill Nye
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With equal parts science and slapstick, Bill Nye knows how to make science fun in these two episodes from the Emmy Award winning television series. With his signature hyperkinetic style, Bill investigates reptiles and insects.
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With equal parts science and slapstick, scientist and comedian Bill Nye really knows how to make science fun. Aiming squarely at the young science enthusiast in all of us, Nye introduces fundamental concepts and then inventively reinforces them throughout the program, ably assisted by a team of child and teen scientists. One of the best things about the show is that it presents science as something that real people do – and that your children can do too. This tape contains two episodes: Reptiles, and Insects. Each episode follows the same format, usually including: an easy at-home experiment or two (with cautions when necessary; a brief visit with a real-life “way cool scientist"; and inventive models and demonstrations. All of this science is accompanied by sight gags, clips of old science movies, slapstick physical humor, sound effects, music and Max Headroom-style editing – and my favorite part: each episode ends with a pitch perfect music video parody that sets the scientific concepts to a popular tune – “Cold Blooded” to the tune of Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded”, and U.B. Buggy singing a reggae tune “Jah Mon, Insects Rule”. For Bill Nye fanatics, check out - although it appears it hasn’t been updated since summer 2000, it’s still fun and full of great info on our favorite Science Guy. As of Spring 2001, this video seems to be most readily available for purchase through However, you can probably find it at your local library!

Lauren Mayer
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