The Secret of Roan Inish (Island of the Seals)

Sarah Green, Maggie Renzi
John Sayles
Jeni Courtney, Mick Lally, Eileen Colgan, John Lynch
John Sayles
Music By: 
Mason Daring
Production Company: 
Skerry Movies
Columbia Tristar
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Set in Ireland, this gently paced, quietly moving, mystical tale of hope redeemed weaves together the story of a young girl and her sea-loving family with the legendary selkie of Irish folklore. A beautiful film for the whole family.
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After the death of her mother, young Fiona is sent to stay with her grandparents on the Irish coast. But a cloud of melancholy still hangs over them all. For generations, her family has lived by the sea, until recently they had to leave their ancestral home on Roan Inish. Fiona loves listening to the tales of the sea and of Roan Inish her grandfather and cousins tell, and she believes them all – even the magical stories of the selkies of Irish folklore, mythical creatures that can change from seal to human form. Fiona remembers living on Roan Inish – and she remembers what happened as they all left – her infant brother Jamie was lost at sea when his cradle floated out from the shore during a storm. Her grandfather believes that the sea took Jamie because it was angry with them for leaving the island, and that he is lost forever. But Fiona has another idea – and a plan. Along with her cousin Eamon, she sets out to find Jamie and bring the family back to Roan Inish, where they all belong. All of the actors – including the seals, who through animatronics become characters in the story – are wonderful, especially Jeni Courtney as Fiona, who captures her quiet steadfastness and hopeful determination. This gently paced, quietly moving, mystical tale of hope redeemed is a beautiful film for the whole family. (Based on the book Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry by Rosalie K. Fry)

Lauren Mayer
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